A Short Blog Post – A somewhat unexpected benefit of mileage-based earnings

An update on the American Airlines delays from the previous post.

The 3hr delay turned into a cancellation as the plane went mechanical again. This lead to rebooking via Dallas the following day and a 22hr delay. As with my previous post my emotional response to this delay is not particularly strong – I had a spare day in my schedule and planes breaking down is something that happens – fine. AA offered me a $175 voucher for it when I wrote in which offsets the minimal genuine interruption I was caused.

The real point of this post though is to discuss the present that I found in my BA account!

dfw pib

The rebooking clearly required a change of fare class into something that credits back to BA at 100% of miles flown. If however, rather than distance based BA had moved to the fashionably new method of being revenue based then I cannot see how there is any way there would have been the (admittedly fairly small) present back from AA for the flights.

Another reason why the best Airline loyalty programs should keep miles flown as the core of their program and not just spending!


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